An Island Novel I’d Read And My 1 Minute Impromptu Play About Writing Poetry

my cat Peeko was sure to get to it first

This is the first novel I’d read (titled The House at the Edge of Night), which combined mainly southern Italian characters with some British ones, as in a British man gets swept up onto the coast of this remote Italian island, Castellamare, during wartime. I’d just found the book on the shelf at the library one day.

It gets more immersive as it goes on, warming up, more personal, and also more personable. I recommend this for any book, to take note in your mind from the beginning the characters’ names and who they are as they’re introduced.

A very long timeline is covered, memorably so, early 1900s ‘til 2009, and it’s done noticeably well, with very short classic and nearly forgotten Sicilian folk stories interwoven with the main narrative, and little quick moments with both British and Italian classic rhymes for children.

An interesting setting and expansive timeline, The House at the Edge of Night was written by an English author, Catherine Banner who dedicates the book to her Italian husband, Daniele 🙂and they live in Italy.


And now, my impromptu one minute play on Writing a Poem ✍️🎬

Curtain opens…

“What’s wrong?”

—“I wrote a villanelle poem..and it needs a new refrain…and I don’t like it.”

“Do you want to throw it away?”


“Do you want me to throw it away?”

—“No. I found I can cross out the refrain with my pen and anything else I want out and circle anything that I especially like in it.”

“That sounds good. Do you think that’ll help?”


Curtain closes.


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