Spa Time at Home and a Couple of Phrases to Mend

Feb. 11, ’22, needs improvement 🙂

March 22, ’22

I have taken out my newly-written ghazal poem (on my laptop) ‘tho I’d first thought it might still be too hot to my touch but it wasn’t and was ready to read. Reading it aloud I can see it is almost complete, but just one line needs revision…as in it needs two new things (as in nouns), to replace a set of two words in that line currently, and that’s all I will write for now. I will not think of the poem anymore tonight, but I will feel it, as it is actually a pretty happy poem, and I will sleep with the feeling of the new things for that line ready to emerge, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a dream tonight, maybe with the aid of my two paper dictionaries and thesaurus, or not. I will not think of rhyme now, ‘tho it will be thought of for that line when I work on it, as it is a nice feature of a ghazal poem to include rhyme like internal rhyme, rhyme somewhere in the middle of the two line couplet, which I’d like to do in this one, my second one.

I am having my ‘spa days at home,’ literary salon today as you may know, and I have finished reading The Secret Garden by F.H. Burnett…not even planned for this occasion (maybe to your surprise): it is now spring day three! I will share my little sentences on that book that won’t spoil the book for you at all but just remind you that spring started (in northern hemisphere) as I’d not even realized it was coming and just reread The Secret Garden by F.H. Burnett again for fun:

Perfectly timed read—begun a few days before spring began and was finishing the last few pages in the morningtime the day after spring began…and begins…I enjoy the way F.H. Burnett captures atmosphere and outer and inner surroundings in tune with the stirring, spilling over, and blossoming of spring.

Spa time at home is great… I will do things like drink warm plain water that I heat up for a moment in my electric kettle, look at the sky, listen to the birds and look when they land, enjoy a pumice stone in the shower along with a natural sea sponge, listen to music, yoga sessions, read a book of paper, place on coconut oil, comb my hair slowly and gently because it feels nice—I think I’ve shared enough wellness ideas for now!

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