Mysteries and Spa Days

Today is Spring Day Six! And Spa Days at Home continues…I’d combed my hair throughout the day on different occasions and with my fingers…and stood out on the balcony letting the daylight touch my skin. Looking out over the railing, I could see a gathering of water on the ground in the forest on the other side of the fence—(Am I witnessing a natural pond newly forming? Time will tell.) I’ve polished my nails a neutral, serious-toned pink and set my hair up with a light charcoal, green, and rose silk tie I’d handmade myself.

I am glad to read a very antique book pub. 1794, The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, which was mentioned by Jane Austen in her own novel, Northanger Abbey, and I feel in place with the characters there with my own interests, like writing, spontaneously sketching, enjoying music and nature’s scenes, many-paged books to read, with long, descriptive sentences, like this one, and dancing.

The main character Emily seems very aware of goodness and kindness in her intentions and actions; she enjoys writing poetry (the novel includes her originial pieces 😉😊), and she also enjoys savoring nature’s scenes in her home France…and in Italy…and she’s wondrously oblivious too at times! (like me.)

In the 2nd section, the characters Annette and Emily are staying together in this very old castle in which Annette (a character I could also relate to) has plenty of stories, told to her to be ’just superstitions,’ and is said to talk a lot, (but I think I talk more!) 😀Although you may not think so from the cover, the book is actually pretty funny.

Apparently yesterday afternoon Peeko found me in trouble, or unsatisfactory, and was sitting on top of my laptop like this with his ears flat back looking at me for a little while, even before I got the camera and snapped a photo. I never did find out what he had found unacceptable.





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