A Mid-Literary Salon Mystery and then the Cats Close This Post

photo by me taken at the Fine Arts Museum, Boston. I liked this porcelain tea set out of the ceramic pottery. No, I cannot afford to buy it!

At the Tuesday literary salon hosted at my home often we’ve enjoyed a segment of ”silent reading.” I’d imaginatively considered for fun if the salon host, May Ziadeh (as a lit. host I send that not as fact, but feeling), had her own heavenly copy of the same book I was reading, so that we could read at our own pace, as we’d read silently together, very restfully.

I was ready to continue reading The Mysteries of Udolpho (1794) by Ann Radcliffe, a gothic romance complete with a great dark castles, ghosts, and unexplained music at midnight, a novel like those that May’s literary salon would’ve probably read, as they’d discussed 1700s and 1800s books, along with those published in their current time, 1900s – 1920s.

I opened the book this morning and found…

Two bookmarks together inside the book on the page I was up to yesterday, when I’d only had one! I asked my husband Dan if he’d put a bookmark in or had seen that but he’d said he hadn’t.

Also in above photo is my cat Peeko, who enjoys poetry, has since decided to attend the lit. salons and is a very decisive fine arts critic, who is apparently only hearing poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay right now😂 (I’ve tried others)…the poet, Edna and Peeko both from Maine.

Monday evening, Peeko looking at Mama, lounging😊🐱💕

Portrait of Miley with me, my bro in law’s cat, captured candidly by my husband Dan upon request 📷, at my mother and father in law’s house the past weekend, as Miley had just then come up to say hi to me. She is a cat who will socialize only in very small groups, is slow to greet new people, and this was her first time really meeting me. An adopted cat too and very affectionate, she is probably around the same age as my cat Peeko, 7 yrs, and is very tiny…yet Peeko is also an exceptionally big cat who will not sit on anyone’s lap.

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