Delighted Like a Teddybear Cat, in Gray, Spa Spring Days

Peeko rests like an elegant, long floppy-armed teddybear and lounges with me during tea time. He loves Spa Days and Spring Celebrations—Day 12 today. I had given myself a pink pedicure and filed my nails last night, chamomile cleansing lotion a nice cooling rinse upon skin/body. I dried my shampooed hair, rinsed under highest pressure warm water then cooler, with a cotton t-shirt rather than towel.

Ali Shan green oolong in my late morning tea cup after a short dynamic yoga session (I’d needed more movement!)

Peeko was so thrilled when I got these gray slippers and slipped them on this morning…these slippers of mine that match so well with his gray paws. He had made his face extra puffy, like a kitten’s face when I stood.

‘Tho they were my favorite color out of the ones I’d wanted and I would’ve selected them anyway…I thought then pleased, that Peeko would probably be delighted with the choice, and this is not all about the slippers, or all about the color gray.

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