More Poems and Even More Poems, Bringing Out the Purple Wizards…with Jason Preu

📰Fresh off my Goodreads Press, the poetry book whose title and cover had been hidden by the first book on my coffee table, for suspense, included with that first one generously as complimentary bonus book by author—revealed now that it’s read, my introductory thoughts about the book:

More Poems about Purple Wizards and Neon-Bright Exceptionalisms by Jason Preu (2017)

A poetry book made of paper you may read while feeling contemplative or creative when you feel like retreating into a kind of calming conversation with depth and understanding, feel that listening to song after song of music for this particular type of energy of yours right now, or checking social Feeds online may not nourish you the way a book of poetry can, one that is written with tangible, atmospheric scenes in words. And with interesting phrases, switch of words and word order that are still always comprehensible English language syntax, arranged in new ways. And with plenty of mystery and oddities. This whole book is incredible with media inc. drawings in pencil by the author’s children and intriguing cover design.

Nicely placed clear text and poem titles font has the reader slow down with a kind of guided awareness from looking a little longer, with lovely, spacious spaced out, a little bit larger-sized font poem titles, all making a very creative, immersive reading.

Can be read in a day or more, the poems very tangible (But is it a rap song, a fairytale, touched with horror, or comforting prophecy without the preaching? You’ll see.) There are lines like riddles or koans and with a narrative progression like a story. Poems to read alone or with a friend, from heaven or from earth; sections introduced by single, simple sentences about this mysterious, yet illuminating being, “The Purple Wizard.” I wanted to read the ExciteBike with LL Cool J poem in the Table of Contents that was crossed out like this.

Whimsical, more than simply fluffed and spun sprinkles, with real life grounded magnetism, you can read this and not even have to share it on a Feed right away, reads like an intriguing nudge toward time and timelessness, very satisfying.


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