Morning Tea in Honor of My Grandma on Her Birthday, New Flowers and Poetry

my mom Joan and her mother my Grandma Jean


Flowers found and brought home this weekend from local garden shop, purple pansies and white fragrant climbing blossoms scented with a little more honey than florally; I received care directions from the garden staff for this potted variety…I will find out the fragrant one’s name today, flowers in time for spring and my grandma’s birthday today, my mom’s mother Jean.

Let’s water and care for them together—my grandma loved plants and cared for them so well and effortlessly, always expressive too, taking pride in their thriving and taking note of each new bud and blossom and color in the plants placed upon the window sills of her kitchen and dining room in Brooklyn, NY where I am from originally; the plants were the main feature, along with the great ivory kitchen – dining room table. And if you were coming for dinner, there would be about 35 breaded chicken cutlets on the table and a big bowl of spaghetti marinara, lasagna, and another big bowl of salad with dressings to choose and plates of Italian bread with garlic or plain, and you group of three or four would be sure to ’Eat!’ 😊🇮🇹🍝

A poem begins this antique book I am reading, The Lovely Ambition (1960) by Mary Ellen Chase called ”I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great.”

for Grandma

b. Apr. 4, 1924 - Jul. 19, 2020

I love you,

This bookmark was handmade by my friend Kira and has reversible sides, the book’s a novel from my husband’s Grammie, one of her own, and the tea cup is from my Grandma. My Grandma was always up early like me and she’d say, “That’s ’cause you’re smart.”


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