Celebrate, Happy Weekend! “Shivers” Yoga Dance – and Poetics

From my youtube channel, Jade Nicole Yoga, dance and poetry calling me creatively today—Happy Weekend! Let’s Dance now, any day!

Ed Sheeran -Shivers

“You are the poet, you are the writer, you are the artist, do you not remember from your early years a special circumstance, a beautiful scene, a whispered word, or a beloved face…that drew you to yourself, as if it had expanded the horizon of light for you,☀️and opened in your paradise, a volcano of fire?”
🌄🌅🌄— May Ziadeh


“The heart does not guide one by force to the desired path, so do not make the soul tortured in the hands of a healer.”


💕🥁🛢🪘💕”But isn’t the drum music? And if the drum doesn’t have the melody, doesn’t it have the music of distinction, impact, and definition?” —May Ziadeh


😊You could be the drum? I will be the melody? A flute, a harp, a lute, a guitar, a piano kind of melody…hmmm? Oh, please know, I cannot sing on key, my dearest! 🗝🎼 Maybe I will just dance! Join me! 💃🧚‍♂️Like to sing?🎊Drum…Too.🪘🥁🛢💕Lute? Violin? 🎻😊😴🍓—Jade

One response to “Celebrate, Happy Weekend! “Shivers” Yoga Dance – and Poetics”

  1. Beautiful dance and poetic words to help remember…love the vibe and energy of this poet…
    I am a drum and a clashing cymbal… you a soft like a harp…you strings make sound with meaning and purpose…
    Thanks for provoking me…Now I want to dance and write…lol…Have a great week!

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