A Letter to My Missing Sunglasses

Dear Sunglasses I Lost (Maybe 6 Months Ago),

Where did you go? I last saw you near my home—I think I’d put you down by the forest and forgot you there, but I can’t be too sure.

The only animal I could think of might’ve taken you was a fox…I’ve never seen a fox, with or without sunglasses…

It could’ve been a neighbor, too, also not seen wearing you.

I liked you ‘cause you’d blended nicely with my hair and also showed my nose as simple, how I see it, even without sunglasses, as you were a very simple pair.

I got new ones and I think these look kind of “Paris,” as in from a magazine, in France. They need a little adjusting when I first put them on for now, and that’s all I know just yet.

I liked you! Simple, unmovable, too.

Feel free to come back, my dear missing sunglasses!


Idea for Writing Prompt: A relative of author May Ziadeh’s had told me that May (b. 1886) had written some wonderful letters among her articles and published work, including one she’d written to her missing wristwatch, so I wrote this one to my missing sunglasses that day, & now share it. I haven’t been able to read the one she’d written; it is a very fun prompt.

P.S. Are you looking for my missing poem? Worry not!, It’s now out of temporary hiding and is complete—you can read it here: The Castle Tower.

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