A Serenade by Ameen Rihani

May 1, 2022

a poem for waking up…anytime

A Serenade

by Ameen Rihani

b. Nov. 24, 1876

from Myrtles and Myrrh (1905)

The moon hath said her sad good-bye, 
    My sleeping queen; 
And all the stars are wondering why
    Thou art unseen. 
Behold! abashed, they take to flight, 
As through the casement breaks thy light. 
                Arise, my dawn, arise! 
                Arise, my queen serene! 


The field of heaven is all thine own, 
    my peerless star, 
Just as my heart is thine alone, 
     Be near or far. 
So let thy face adorn the night. 
And flood it with thy dazzling light. 
                 Arise, my queen, arise! 
                 Arise, to my guitar! 


The vaults above all vacant seem, 
     My sweetest flower; 
And for thy scent, the cherubim
     Long at this hour. 
A moment from thy sweet dream part.
Though in that dream be wove my heart. 
                Arise, my queen, arise! 
                Let fall thy perfume shower. 

By Ameen Rihani



Note: This poem looks like it’s an Ottava Rima form. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottava_rima. My ancestry is Italian and am always impressed when I find these forms written in English—skillful and difficult to do.

Poem credit and more: https://poets.org/poem/serenade-0

May 1, 2020

Another favorite poem by Ameen Rihani, “Saada.” Ameen had a sister named Saada in real life and it’s a personal poem with a mood that’s transcendent.

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