May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat

library corner this afternoon by the window

This morning I was very excited to take out the newest flower that had been pressed for a month in a closed book on the shelf (without me intentionally looking; one day I opened the book to read and happened to see it; placed it back.) 🤫It’s a purple violet!; it is a year since I first met May, the poet, Miss May Ziadeh (b. Feb. 1886), you may have learned a lot about already from reading my blog.

I remember the day I saw the violet on my new plant outdoors last month, and I thought I will be very careful and gentle when I lift the stem to see this beautiful violet flower—as a student of nature, I know last year I didn’t tend the plants so well with equal parts love, care, and stupidity ☺️—and either the wind or my hand that morning last month snapped the poor delicate stem accidentally, and I was sad to see the beautiful violet falling a little. But I thought to press it in a book to keep it and in a way to give it away too, and the date a month later fell to today, Saturday, May 7th—It is about a year since I met May Ziadeh! and I’d learned from a friend that May could have very likely loved purple flowers…This morning, I was very excited remembering the flower was ready today (and I’d saved the date in case too.) I played a recording of Chopin’s Waltz No. 10 (a favorite composer of May’s), noting that this would be the music piece someone would listen to when lifting a flower just preserved out of a book for a month! It preserved so beautifully. And I kissed each flower on this decorative plate this morning and for awhile I arranged them to look most pretty.

I wanted to share it, and so here it is. And tomorrow is Mother’s Day; it falls so nicely. I write a special shout out directly to my mom who reads this whole blog I write and I am thankful for that😊💓🤗—Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! And to my sister, Jenna who is now a mom for the first time—Happy Mother’s Day!!!! The same to my grandma in heaven who was amazing with plants and is likely helping me care for these new ones this spring that are doing so beautifully!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!! And to moms everywhere—all the same!!!

(I am not a mom, yet I do think Peeko 🐱says otherwise 😉); and well, not related to Mother’s Day, this was such a wonderful surprise gift I received in my mailbox just a couple weeks ago from my friend Hagop Kazazian in Beirut. He’d also sent me those photos I’d shared of pictures of May Ziadeh’s house/mansion, (and he’d met the florist who knew her name/ recommended that May would’ve liked a certain kind of precious little purple flowers). Hagop’s an excellent, personable poet and he’d collaborated his verse with this beautiful watercolor artist’s paintings, and sent me the book as a gift—am grateful! and share it as well:

I’ve been working on my library corner and bedroom retreat recently (as I am done now with getting ready for my art show to come next weekend, May 13th – 15th.)

This is the chair I just got and love for my library corner. It is so comfortable and I enjoy the lift and height so I can see up nicely to the highest sky through the window, and it is such comfortable lighting sitting this way any time. While I liked the other new chair as a wood and red design accent I’d found, I’d found out when I took the cushions off to wash, inside was so very mildewy and unchangeable and the wood bottom part itself not in repairable condition, so I looked again for seating…This one I find so comfy and matches well. I’ve completed the look of the bookshelf, too to the left of this reading corner:

Books on the top right shelf are ones yet to read…with the exception of the antique poetry book Hiawatha by poet Longfellow I spotted at an antique shop recently, and a birthday card high up with it with art of my favorite flowers given to me by my sister Lauren and brother in law Brett! My husband Dan’s books no longer termed as if like a banishment, on the shelf I cannot reach as well, but I’ve placed most of his high out of my reach for convenience for me yet I found a few I may glimpse for myself soon like the HVAC basics 😯for my fun and expanding subjects, and maybe Einstein will have another glimpse, but likely not, as I am not very mathematical. 😊(And 📗Monet’s my own, a birthday gift from Mom.)

The other sides of the room are to come and are in progress, little accents. I find it’s a great practice as an artist to have a calming, simple bedroom type retreat, and arranging things can be very therapeutic, another art besides writing or painting, that can replenish you and let you enjoy getting into bed and rest whether you dream or just sleep or even daydream and lounge.

2 responses to “May 7th… Mother’s Day…Bedroom Retreat”

  1. Love this Jade! Very well written and the room looks beautiful. Love the chair and the bookshelf. Thank you so much for the special Mother’s Day shout out! A mom is a mom and you are an amazing mom to Peeko! I am grateful for you and your blog. It’s awesome reading! ❤️
    One of your biggest fans 😊

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