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A Note Found and a Bookmark and A Great First Art Show

I found this bookmark in a library book I’d taken out and read yesterday, a slim blue copy of literary insight with a little biography of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. From that book, these lines of a poem by Edna I’d not heard of spoke to me most poignantly:

The stone the angel rolled away with tears
Is back upon your mouth these thousand years.

That same time, I found a note in black pen written: ”Meow!,” the exclamation mark turned into a smile…I showed the note to my cat Peeko; he looked a bit startled, and I read to him the poem marked, “The Naming of Cats” by T.S. Eliot from a book of Light Verse; he’d sat a little for the title and author’s name, but wasn’t interested in hearing the whole poem. Later on, I realized the poem could be one a cat would give to a dignified writer to write and give to his mom or dad, or to be cat parents rather than a poem a cat would like to hear himself, and I had read it myself, so that was good. 🧚‍♂️ I very spontaneously envisioned how the hands may look who wrote the unknown to me handwriting, and I may like to show that visual…through words.


I am glad I’d come across this photo, which the artist, Shana took of the three artists at the show (inc. me there of course, as I was also a featured artist that weekend) which looks like a richer quality image that best matched my own memory.

The art show went well; it was great to connect with the other two artists and I’d learned about different supplies and media by asking them questions about theirs. It was so nice to witness the painting in above photo being painted as well and to look at all the other art!

I will probably work next on a 16 x 20 canvas; I’d learned of a very slim palette knife. I also sold two paintings! ”Mornings at the Sea” to my father in law who loves the sea and ocean, and another abstract waterscape I’d named “Sky Reflections upon the Small Lake” is shipping out to a man in Louisiana. The next canvas is currently blank and I intend to work on shorter sessions with plenty of patience and as many as best for the subject I have in mind.

If you’d read my previous prose poem, you might’ve heard that I finally got plums from the supermarket! 😊But these were mostly disappointing and so I kind of had a quarter of a plum for the price of two. I hope I do better next time. 🥺😊

I completed the touch up paint in the bedroom yesterday; I will show photos when the whole room is done with a little decoration to come—I do not think you can even see the spots on the wall where I’d touched up! and am proud of that paint work too.

I am reading with a Classics group on Goodreads, the novel Villette (1853) by Charlotte Bronte, read some today at the literary salon with Miss May Ziadeh—I am in the midst of it, and it is already one of my very favorite books, and the bookmark I’d found matches it so well; it is really a very deep blue base in the daytime light.


“What a wonderful curator you are!” I said.
”Would you like a photo for the company website?” He was proud and he enjoys accomplishments. 🐱🎨🖼

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