Not My Door, But I Got My Classic and My Bright Bookmark

I finished reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte (1853) last night, felt I could remain within its mists even after the book ended, a ponderous read that I feel safe within…

I took these photos on the spot yesterday early afternoon walking around after reading, was still in the middle of Villette. 📷

Not My Door, But I Got My Classic and My Bright Bookmark

Colors facing me, and those are my new sunglasses (in a shadow view) I got a little while after writing that note on the blog to my missing ones (which I’d discovered much later if left on grass by accident were likely picked up by the landscapers and so not completely vanished.) These look just like those but a slimmer-fitting pair that stays in place, and so maybe writing to the missing thing’s not so frivolous after all…😊😎



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