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It’s Monday and the Right Rumi Has Arrived

May 23rd and continues a few days

It’s Monday and the right Rumi has arrived. I’d sorted through editions, I found this pocket-like book containing that same 800 yrs ago poetry, but this time presented by various translators, the main editor’s aim to preserve Rumi’s original rhythm and conciseness. I could see that coming true reading the first poems.

Like William Shakespeare, scholars debate the quality or accuracy of some of poet Rumi’s translations, from Arabic, Farsi, or Persian into English, as great translations of Rumi’s poems into the English language, or as ‘outrught outright (my typo corrected) counterfeits’ in both.

The translations felt truer than the Rumi poems I’d found in a previous new book, the language direct and melodic at once…And if you’re wondering which book to choose, The Rumi Collection would likely appeal to a religious audience or those enjoying specific religious proper names and topics, with the total poems and word choice, and would be fine for someone who is okay with religious terms even if not seeking them, and for someone reading it for its spirituality. I myself find The Rumi Collection well-done to keep for its overall word choice, voice, and its spiritual/philosophical poignancy and awe.

The collection, consistent in its poetic voice, is not mainly a love poem collection; that is another kind that would complement this one.

I do remember another Rumi, but not the title of that book of his poetry. I remember the store that had it, that I’d opened it, read a poem, could feel the personality of the words, recognized the romantic theme and pocket-size, thought I’d come back for it another time, read a poem about a ‘wish’ I can’t find online.

I wish to spread my Rumi’s out so they have space to breathe and lounge and be enjoyed over time, this one cherished as it is…Let me keep The Rumi Collection…Even The Essential Rumi had some poems I’d found memorable in it that were also translated well, that I’d not gotten to yet…

May I come upon that poem about a “wish” and that “blush” in that book; may I come across that book.

When it comes to quality poetry and translations, if you’re reading for enjoyment and nourishment…the best way to know?

Read a poem, feel it speak to you, even if you know it’s right even before your comprehension. One book may not contain all the best; it’s fine to look through as many as you’d like over time, savoring what you do find in them.

An instant music video made for Rumi b. 1207 AD, by me…😊🎶📖This book to be enjoyed a little more…outside quietly in nature. 😊🧚‍♂️🌳Oh, and the song 🎶 in my video was just playing, I’d not heard it before.

…And Rumi’s poetry is not a cloud of cotton candy; these poems may really break your heart. But a broken heart can also be reassembled into a truer form than it was before.


I think my cat Peeko knocked my new bright bookmark on the floor…shown at dawn Tuesday, the morning of the literary salon, for his lion’s den… 🐱🦁📖

I could tell he’s had enough photos, but I’ll keep the above photo in place today for its fun and move forward; he’d forgiven me…

Tuesday, eveningtime…
📙😉, 💕 Peeko

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