Shakespeare Gets a Bath

(kind of)

I have enjoyed the spa-like activity of lounging my legs and feet in the bathtub with warm water and soaps, not as a relaxation goal but it makes the skin softer and fragrant.

In the meantime, I thought I’d bring Shakespeare’s play I got from the library, called Cymbeline, in to read with me. When I put the book down on the side of the tub, there was a very thin pool of water beneath it and soon a pale red dye began seeping out from the book. I acted quickly, easily wiped away the dye that didn’t stain the tub, and set the Shakespeare down on a towel ’til it dried. It did.

I had been reading his play Cymbeline a little more today when I realized that this feels for me a more supplemental Shakespeare to read after reading his main work and will read it at a later date. While I skip the introductions on classics and recommend doing so to browse after reading the book if wanted, I caught a few notes and confirmed the ’rough draft’ feel of this play compared to Shakespeare’s others, and so it is my own decision to pick another play of his for the first play in a long time. The bookmark I’d found looks great with these red edition plays. And this copy feels so much nicer and fresher now, undamaged and fully intact. It’s a copy stamped 1909, and so it gets a bath after 100 years! 🛁📕

Happy Monday!


Note to Reader: If a book happens to get wet, place it as soon as possible into a freezer; it will keep the book preserved and well.


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