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Books and Art: Sifting Through for the Best of Rumi, Kahlil Gibran Scare, and My Creative Plan for the Day

I do this too…(I liked finding this illustrated at The Boston Fine Arts Museum, my own photo of this artwork I saw there)…with my silver aluminum water canteen and poetry book, and a rock to sit on.

Friday, May 27th, 2022

Sifting Through for the Best of Rumi

I think I’d really confused and worked myself up with all that searching for the best select books of Rumi’s poetry translated into English! Wow. I’ve decided for now to enjoy the current two I have…The Rumi Collection and Hidden Music (my longtime favorite with incredible paintings that have been monumental for me in their abstract art with feeling, by a contemporary painter of our time, Azima Melita Kolin.)

I can display a book I might not be reading from start to finish and reading awhile, and The Rumi Collection is currently standing in that place. There was a joke last year running on the blog that I was often careless with Rumi and when I was unsure and had deleted some posts then (which I’ve tried to improve upon as a practice viewing this blog like a print newspaper 📰), I’d found like Rumi was toppling over and out of the posts ‘tho it was not because of him. I’d gotten a wrong edition Rumi and had to return it you see😬🥺, when you love something it may not be such a simple path, as you try different things to love the thing in its best form and best way for you and them, to be fully appreciated, and with genuineness.

Kahlil Gibran Scare

I was in a bookstore again, An Unlikely Story a local store I was glad I’d remembered about. It’s a beautifully quaint little store and bustling with new books and has a little gift section. I was looking through the poetry books and decided I may like a very slim collection of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe who was also one of the English-writing poets May Ziadeh had mentioned in her own poetry. Before taking it down, I looked around some more and noticed The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, the writer and artist May Ziadeh was in love with and wanted to/planned to be with; they’d written letters for years. I’d had my own coldness and at times panic toward his poetry more for the man (I’d not known) than the content and hadn’t read a book of his yet. I considered I would maybe read it. When I took the pale golden-orange book off the shelf, I looked at it and the cover image (likely a portrait drawing by Gibran not of himself) and I unconsciously took in a very sharp inhale, and then I tried to read some but was not feeling too steady, so I placed it back, no rush, and I got the little poetry book by Edgar Allan Poe. Listen to your feelings and aversions, I’d realized; you don’t have to do everything, or push yourself to at the time.

The next day, I was at Barnes and Noble looking for a book for my niece’s first birthday; I’d found one called Jamberry by Bruce Degen, cute animals (which she loves) and rhymes. My niece already loves books and listening to a story read to her; this was a childrens’ classic too I’d not heard of.

When I passed through an aisle, I’d actually let out a scream, which I’d usually not do, but laughed after not realizing and hoping no one noticed, was an instant, unplanned quiet scream of just surprise I guess to see The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran on display (not even in the poetry section), same book from previous store.

Let’s just say it’s been an intense week with books! 😅

My Creative Plan for the Day

I am working on my current painting, which already has a subject and simple composition, and I think, title…I have a set of colors in mind, am interested more in the lighting, where shadows fall if any, and how the lighting can convey the mood of the painting felt by the viewer, looking in at the subjects.

I will have a cup of tea for breaks in between (green Sencha or green oolong Ali Shan), like right now after I publish this.

While I can get really carried away with creativity and energy, I am recently again meditating daily for about 10 minutes, a mindfulness meditation of my body, or breathing, etc.: How to meditate like this? Feel your own breathing or body physically, directing your attention to your body and/or the physical world, the senses, while still and silent.

…There will be laundry: the full experience, yoga indoors earlier in the day, and then a little just before bed, focus: strengthening, flexibility, gentle turning of direction, main poses: shoulder stand, dolphin, and side plank…

Next for a book, I may read the fantasy novel Mordew (2020) by Alex Pheby, or classic The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (1868). As my mind at times can spin out all day into the night with overwhelmingness, reading a book held in my hands before bed can really soothe me.

My canvas now shows a very soft, loose pencil sketch of the main subjects, as I consider the colors I’ve picked and how they may appear with light on the canvas; I plan to work on this painting again in the beginning of the week, with color.


Such beautiful poetry presentations! including one of May’s poems, ”In the Forest” that’s featured in a reel today:




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