blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

‘Please Forgive Me’—Rumi

I found the book I must’ve opened some months ago that wasn’t at the store last week; it wasn’t there but I see it in my above photo, so I know what to look for…I think it was Rumi: The Book of Love. 🙏💕📖


…from another book, a poem by Rumi

…The miracle-signs:
you cry through the night 
and get up at dawn, asking,
that in the absence 
of what you ask for 
your day gets dark…
that you often
sit down in a fire like aloes wood, 
and often go out
to meet a blade 
like a battered helmet,
and acts of helplessness
like these among them all
become habitual…

…And you run back and forth 
listening for unusual events, 
peering into the faces of travelers:
“Why are you looking at me 
like a madman?”
I have lost a friend. 
Please forgive me
…Excuse my wandering.
How can one be orderly with this?
It’s like counting all the leaves
in the garden,
along with all
the music notes 
of the partridges and the crows. 
At times like this, organization 
and computation 
become absurd.

—by Rumi

translated from original Persian unknown
A few minor edits and excerpts in English by me

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