“Love Exists” by Amy Lee (Guy Sigsworth Remix) Began with Italian Lyrics

Since I’d first heard Amy Lee (well-known as the lead singer of Evanescence), I always hoped she would someday do a solo album because I’d loved her voice and enjoyed it much more than the band’s music personally at the time, and then many years later I‘d found she had done a solo album with some covers, and would also do some excellent collaborations after that.

”Love Exists” by Amy Lee, Guy Sigsworth Remix: I was pleased to learn the song was originally written in Italian, and I’d also read the direct translation of the Italian lyrics. This is the English adaptation of the song, and from there, it was remixed 🎶(by Guy Sigsworth)…so many layers of creativity create this song, and my wish for Amy Lee singing solo…in different music styles…comes to fruition.


Amy Lee – Love Exists

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