…as if I’d dreamed the tea cup, but found it first and remembered the dream in my own fancy when I received it and picked it up in my hands and looked…

The design is just what I would wish…Green I often turn to and admire, green that feels like new sprouts and grass and a well-loved garden growing in its own good secret, very free and with careful tending…brand new; a very soft cream white base for the whole cup, an elaborate pattern of flowers made of reds, pinks, blues, and orange and many-shaped leaves close and together, a pure gold border of intricate calligraphy and a line of tiny golden curlicues tying ’round and ’round the cup, with a gold-trimmed curved handle perfect for my fingers to hold, pure and enchanting…I would’ve designed this myself in wish, if not with skill or vision.

[Where I’d Come Upon It: TheAntiqueHer, Etsy shop; Tea: Sencha Overture (Green) from Adagio Teas]


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