An Intoxicating Book, A Bird Tries to Break into My Window, and More Recent Life Stories

this flower was scented like strawberry and sugarcane


Intoxicated by A Book and Some Flowers

I’d found a book recently called The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand, and I noticed before I read the book that it was scented so beautifully like the beach by the sea and a sweetly potent suntan fragrance…I breathed in the scent of this book restfully and soon began to send in a few short typed updates on that with my own misspellings I saw the next day, having fallen asleep for the night with the very beautifully scented book nearby…Well, I enjoyed the book even before I’d read the story, and I enjoyed that too; it was a well-done simple, realistically and soberly written love story mystery.

The following night, I went for a walk with my husband and felt a little happily drunken again, coming in to write some freely typed prose poetry passage I’d posted on the blog before bed with a white flower photograph, after photoing a small selection of the blossoming flowers I’d come upon on my walk in Massachusetts and smelling all different kinds I’d seen…

Peeko Picks William Shakespeare

My cat Peeko was noticeably delighted with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the play by William Shakespeare, read a clear edition of it I’d gotten in exchange for the Edgar Poe poetry poor edition accidental pick and the wrong edition Rumi.

One night I was reading and doing yoga and set the novel I was reading down on my yoga mat and stepped away a quick moment. My cat Peeko noticed that set up and strutted right onto the mat to the book like, Good, I will read now and do yoga; it’s all ready for me to go…He stepped up to the fragrant book and breathed it in, had a smile, stepped back as if to view the cover, and seeing it from a viewable distance, he then stepped away snuffing it, as if to say “I only read fine classic literature of the antique times and earlier, like Sir William Shakespeare and Ms. Edna St. Vincent Millay; none of this-feet sticking out from under tent modern day rubbish…”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play by Shakespeare set in Athens, Greece, and my cat Peeko actually listened to a full scene of it in its metered Shakespearean English with great interest, right up to the part with the play and the Lion’s part.

When his Dad came home he asked…. “Would you like to be the lion in the play?” And Peeko ate that question right up and began stalking his Dad around the home like a true lion, which his Dad Dan wasn’t happy about, as if Peeko was saying, “You want a Lion—here is a Lion…” We let him know that is not proper to hunt his Dad and the play was over, although overall, Peeko prizes himself on high class manners, comforting and orderly routine, and achievements, with some good comedy dashed into it all…

Peeko and my current novel I am reading, Queen Hereafter, set in the year 1000 AD.

A Bird Tries to Break into My Window

I was reading on my bed comfortably on my belly with a new historical novel I’d just found at the library that’s set in Scotland (a setting I’d not noticed I’d read before, which I was inspired to find having learned of a fellow poet writer living there now 💖)— the book is called Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King.

And as I am reading, I hear a crash and see a little black wren-looking bird crashing repeatedly into my window and yelling; I felt bad. I stood up to talk to it saying, ‘It’s okay dear gentleman; I’m sorry I can’t let you in here, please enjoy the outside…’ and it crashed one more time, and then left, and I went into the living room…An hour later, while in the living room, I hear another loud crash…and then a few minutes later, again, but I never saw a bird crash after that. I’d wondered if it had heard my poem, “I Wondered if I Had Been a Bird” if it saw my tail-feathers but you know, I am not a yellow canary, and at least not currently. 😊✔️


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