With My Hands: Flowers Found, Pressed, and Preserved, and A Little Ink Design from My Pen

this had been a great work in progress. This was just first stage, it’s complete.

That is my reflection appearing in glass and this art is now up to date. Little changes made by clarifying the text in black ink, clear glue, background white, card pasted onto it with the little gathered pressed flowers, this way to emphasize the brightness of the flowers, and the sweetness too. This was my original vision with white background, black ink, green frame, and gold trim, and also what I’d felt May would like most.

June 11, 2022, morning

I’d been collecting flowers I’d seen over time for the author, May Ziadeh, inspired by flowers, by the title of her poetry book I’d been translating into English, Fleurs de Reve (or Flowers of a Dream, 1911)…

The pressed flowers I’d shared displayed on a decorative plate with a little golden cross and with a tiny silver rose at its center, which I’d found one day last July not knowing from where…I have displayed it nicely nearby this art on my bookshelf (in my library corner.)

I thought to keep the flowers I’d pressed, as gifts, behind glass in a display frame (…might have some gold trim? I thought), accentuate the tape look too, for this one, as if showing: I found this flower, and this one, and this one for you…(and it’s easiest to wipe clean the frame.)

I thought awhile as I walked, which color would May like? And in the store it was as if I’d heard the impression, ”I want green, Baby!” cheerfully (an endearing nickname/joke between us, that is). I’d remembered May would write of the color green cheerfully in her poems and her home showed plenty of green in photos I’d shared of it…and there the frame was in the store among a few others: green (a shade of it I, too, love) with gold trim.

May Ziadeh would’ve received gifts like these in her day from her colleagues and students, especially in her birthplace, Nazareth; there flowers would be collected and pressed into albums to sell as souvenirs and gifts.


It reads in black ink:

For My Miss May 
b. Feb 11, 1886 
and inside the ink-drawn leaf:
June 2022

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