Peeko’s Fiction Pick and Photo Shoot

photos Jun 11, ’22 evening

with a bookmark I’d found too

I am reading at a slow, meditative pace the novel, Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King set in Scotland in 1000 AD. I hadn’t seen many historical fiction novels set at this time or place.

My cat Peeko (shown above) does no tricks; he poses his own way in these. Looking closely, he shows his tiny teeth to express seriousness of interest.

If you try to teach Peeko a trick and he was going to do the thing anyway, he will do it and then also take your treat after. He was also enjoying simple, evocative sacred choral music in the style of the era in these photos (like Taize), as the book features a bard, a harp-player/singer named Eva who’s known for her beauty and talent.

With love and classiness🐾
your very own,  

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