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Stepping Into a Novel Set in 1000 AD Like I’m In It Already

June 13, 2022

A beautifully unfolding novel I find myself at ease in the place and am amused to find myself sharing so many interests with the characters in this historical novel (set in Scotland about 1000 years earlier than our current time): Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King. I share with the characters interests like poetry books, fiction, fragrant baths with a block of naturally fragrant flower-scented soap, listening to music with lyrics or none, fashion, prayer, flower tending, garden walks, storytelling, tea time, and painting.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

“…I do like the notion. I have benefitted so from my tutoring. Lady Eva, you surprise me, I vow.”

“How so, Lady?” Eva wondered if it was her education, but dreaded it was her boldness.

Margaret shook her head, then, and would not say, though her eyes twinkled as if she was pleased. ”Never mind. Only this—I would like you to accompany me when I go to chapel.”


The novel lead me to find a music album sung a capella of sacred music in the style of overlapping harmonies with such lightness, depth and simplicity…This album stands out as exceptionally beautiful among the many I’ve heard in this style. If the words didn’t find me first how it is sung would, as the sound is so soothing and sacred in one, especially good for an evening prayer. The album (beautiful with headphones or with the sound filling the room) 🎼:

Benedictines of Mary – Adoration at Ephesus, album


My quick book reflection if you want to read a historical novel set in Scotland in year 1000 AD:

One of the select best novels I’d read this yr. Intriguing, with a personal and simple friendship between two different women, in a complex medieval era.

If I was in this book, I’d probably be kicked out of the royal headquarters for my lack of embroidery skills alone and making nothing at all the queen or anyone could wear. I would hope I’d prove to be a kind, loving, amusing soul overall.

*I was sorry to see Britney Spears had deleted her Instagram around the time of the Full moon I believe just after…It was great how she danced to the same Ed Sheeran song I had, just a few days after I did (Mine titled…Gold or a Buttercup…’) and I had mis-tagged Ed as Australian twice; Britney tagged him as Justin Bieber in her video, with a sweet note included to Justin; was perfect! am glad to see she’s back now.

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