Tell Me About You

There might have been a small overflow of posts from 10 yrs ago or more come up in your email from the blog this weekend from when I was updating my WordPress plan…These were posts mysteriously restored and not an avalanche of relevant news, my apologies.

I wrote this About Me yesterday to share on the blog.

Writing Prompt: Free-write on the subject ”About Me,” or begin with the line ”I love…” writing freely as you’d like, pausing whenever you’d like, can read it back and revise afterwards. Share it on your blog if you’d like! I’d be glad to read it.

…I love antique and older books, handwritten letters and hand drawn papers, falling in love unexpectedly to cherish that above all else (and as a very part of all things good), brewing green and oolong tea in a glass teapot to drink from antique teacups, and my main staple fruit is fresh strawberries (Plums I find very delicious too, whether yellow inside or red.) I have published two poetry books.

I am writing a short story as I consider the setting of my 1st novel in progress (1st new short story in years that’s fully fiction), and I love to paint my original art on canvas, both abstract and recognizable settings or views, with moods.

*I think maybe the (9 x 12) simple canvas with back-frame will fit better for this setting; I’ve planned it with light pencil. I will paint with color soon, today, or I will reserve an intro book at the library to familiarize myself more with the time setting for the short story.

I have a cat named Peeko whom I am schooling, by his choice, in his own scholarly education of fine metered English poetry and literature, and he is free to walk out of the classroom at any time.

Where there is a window and a view of the sky I may be found there gratefully. Yoga and meditation are part of my daily life again, right now a short session of each one everyday. I wake by dawn naturally. I really like sketchbooks; some art is preparation, practice, or looks just a little useless but actually isn’t…and music: I prefer to listen or to dance—I might like to hear you sing if you decide to.


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