blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

‘Victorians’ Learning, Peeko’s Window Throne, and Calming Things

*reading from a poem video now included*

My cat Peeko was very impressed with the cover of this book Victorians as I learn a little with historical research, and I think I know which topic I’ll look for next, but I will browse the books next in person. (I’m in the ’collecting and gathering’ stage of writing my first novel.)

He decided to pose that way on his own, ’tho he was not up for a read-aloud of Victorians. I’d learned from the book the main achievements in this era in England were that education became more available to more people, advancements towards women’s rights inc. vote, sewage taken more seriously, a few good new bridges, and the ‘art for art’s sake’ movement afterwards in 1901—artwork and paintings were believed to not need to teach a moral or tell a story but show beauty. I’d also learned the convicts then would be shipped off to Australia. 🤔

Peeko currently only wants to hear writing in verse and rhyme; he heard many poems of Miss Millay’s on Tuesday night, including a favorite of his, ”The Bean-Stalk” from Collected Poems (by Edna St. Vincent Millay.)

🐱A little hidden grinning for Edna.
‘Do you know I read these poems? And what are you waiting for?’—Peeko 🐱
‘…Yes?’— Peeko 😊🐱

Not always in poetry or playtime; sometimes he lounges on the window, observes the birds and sky with amusement, appears less desiring to eat them now, but still requires a little mischief in his life.

William Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (error corrected) was b. February 27, 1807 in Maine, USA. A reading by me from the book Hiawatha. Peeko only hears poems he feels like, another Maine poet in meter and verse.

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