Meeting My Nephew who Loves Stories and the Books I’ve Found to Read Myself

July 2, 2022 8:32 pm

(with my sister, my nephew Jordan, and their dog Isabella)

(Everybody else— great! but my attention could use some work. 😊📸😊)

I got to meet my nephew today! He’s 4 months old and has already read (heard) so many books! (I’d told him, ‘Me too.’) He goes to the library for story-time and already dances too, and sings sometimes. So he happens to share a birthday with singer Ed Sheeran in February!

He finds his life very funny. 4️⃣months

As for me, I have just begun reading yesterday The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, a book I am reading along with a Goodreads Classics group that just started it on July 1st. The group also has a helpful reading guide so we can discuss while reading—we go up to Ch. 4 by Sat. July 9th, and it is a relaxed pace.

I was really happy to see such a many-paged book; always love completing books, but am in no hurry to finish now. 😊

I am about to read a poetry book before bed, Selected Poems by Christina Rossetti: The funny thing is I don’t know how I’d heard of this poet and it is very likely I’d just made up the name…. ”Christina Rossetti” and then found her poetry, Selected Poems in the books search on Goodreads or library. As this 19th century woman was born on December 5, 1830 and to find this out now, it is safe to say the ’Sagittarian Invasion’ we’d seen on the blog some months ago is very lightly started up. And now I will read a new poem.

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