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Memorable Quotes from The Portrait of a Lady

(My cat Peeko napping with the lounge-clothing I’d laid out ready to put on after my bath that day.)

I am reading The Portrait of a Lady (1881) by Henry James with a Goodreads book group. It’s great so far, especially the dialogue; I’d like to share a couple of quotes that stood out to me from the first chapters:

“Well, I must say I should have no particular desire to marry her.” (said Mr. Ludlow)

“…I don’t see what you have against her except that she is so original.”

“…I don’t like originals, I like translations.” (said Mr. Ludlow)

And this quote:

”Are you talking about Mrs. Touchett?”

The girl hesitated a moment, smiling.

“She is really very benevolent,” she answered.


I am working on a (9 x 12) still life painting, the scene of a room I’d found in my imagination, a little like a miniature in mind. I am envisioning the look in color for this mood, and I think I will need to place blush and light tan in the tone for the overall painting.

I am collecting and gathering ideas for my first novel, and also thinking of what I may like to write for a new poem on a given theme that’s due by the end of July.

…And planning in more rest than I’d usually think to…😊🗝💕


More to come!

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