A Portrait of Peeko, Reading The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James as Much as I Want To

“What would you like to say to your fans?” I said to Peeko, and snapped this photo.😊🐱^


The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James is so funny.

I’d found myself more irritable overall though when I was following strictly the schedule for the Goodreads group, Old Books, New Readers, and I thought I couldn’t read past the chapter given to the group for that week, even if I wanted to.

But I stopped limiting myself tonight and did so freely, a refreshing silent reading in the day and even more tonight; I feel happier because of that. (Is the novel The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James the answer to happiness? No. Do I want to say more on the answer to happiness or my own? No.) …🎤💕



With my (round) painting, ”Jasmine and Jewels.” 😊🐱🎨—Peeko


My painting in progress has a full background layer: light tan, brown, pale blue, white, and blushing rose. The poem I had began writing is so new that I can’t even mention it.

*I am tempted to rule this post out about myself as ”unnecessary,” but I will leave this note here instead for the reader.

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