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From Songs for Strangers and Pilgrims, Sealed, Signed, Love, Christina Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti

19th century English poet

Christina Rossetti was born on December 5, 1830 in London, United Kingdom, the youngest of the four Rossetti children. Her father was the poet, Gabriel Rossetti, an Italian exile, and her mother was Frances (Polidori) Rossetti, a British scholar who was sister of the friend and physician of the famous poet, Lord Byron. Christina Rossetti’s mother, Mrs. Frances Rossetti was also a model for her own son, Dante Gabriel’s portrait paintings.

July 15, 2022

This poem may have been written sadly, but I read it warmly. I read it as love has both the key and my heart kept safely in heaven, in her heart; she brings a little heaven in when she comes in—the key recalls to me with whom and how I share my treasure…I feel like I am a treasure to her.

I love how she looks at me the way one might admire a rose, tilted to kiss it in a portrait, and she will kiss my face; it feels better than the sun to me, but I still enjoy the sun itself, even more so. I feel understood, learned that one need not choose between spirit or physicality, but they can be found together. I may be the love that is tender; I love her flame, humor, beauty and sensuality—and sometimes just to say her name, quietly, with my own voice.    


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