What Grew There

What grew from past pain, 
watered with my tears 
and compassion, 
now found swinging in the morning 
breeze: these.  


Called “Bittersweet,” these flowers are highly toxic, not to eat, ✔️and even still, they are so beautiful.

By looking up at the shapes of the leaves on the trees, I’d found the place was on either side of these two flowers, and on the other side, what also grew from love and tears, these…

From a mustard plant and may ‘add spice and flavor to food.’

I confess, I don’t think this was the spot, but I will try again later, with another method of knowing where…anyway, these grew too.


Reference: Because I’d Been Wishing for Your Happiness and Love

Update on This Post: What Grew There, Part 2

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