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“A Chipmunk Welcomes Himself” and “Caught Redhanded”

July 20, 2022

A Chipmunk Welcomes Himself

Sometime a week or two ago, the building door where I live was left open for a quick construction project. I walked in and two neighbors walked in a little bit behind me, the young woman giggled as she noticed a chipmunk who wandered in too, just a little behind me that I didn’t see.

The neighbors talked friendly about that as they walked ahead and then looked relieved as they got off on the 2nd floor and closed the door, and the chipmunk followed up the stairs calmly with some space behind me, as I said to it with warmth and efficience, “You can go back down the stairs and enjoy the outside,” as with that, it walked with me onto the 3rd floor landing and sat. It stood and looked at me from the far corner, with great pride in itself, little tiny white paws up to its mouth almost smiling as if to say, “I do what I feel, and I happen to be quite cute you see.” I opened the door for myself to go into the hallway, saying to it affectionately, “But my cat wouldn’t be very fun or good to play with sadly,” and closed the door behind me, toward my door, quick glance as the chipmunk stepped down the stairs, and likely back out the doors that were soon closed again.

Caught Redhanded

I am doing my own research of times and places to gather ideas for fiction and my novel, but anything can catch my eye, a very open learning theme. I came upon a book randomly at the library It’s An Old Scottish Custom by Neil McCallum, and I am learning interesting sites, as I knew nothing at all about the country. I brought the book in the bath with me yesterday; you may remember my prev. post Shakespeare Gets A Bath.

I was reading in the bath when I’d accidentally touched the water, this book in my hands, and a small amount of dye from the book cover strongly stained the side of my hand a striking bright orangey red! I tried soap and water, dish soap, cucumber, argan oil, coconut oil, thought I had lemon but didn’t, Quick! The thing that worked was—a cool, water rinsed fresh baby carrot followed by a cool water cloth. ❔I am more careful and experienced now…and any reading I will place on a book cushion (a folded towel)🛁. It also happened a second time. 😊

Two true stories from my life above 😊🐿📕…I came up with an idea for the creative piece I will send in on this day next week—I am thinking flash fiction short story now (800 words or fewer, the guideline.) This “beginning” I will play in mind like a movie taking its own turn a little more this afternoon before I place any keys to words.

2 responses to ““A Chipmunk Welcomes Himself” and “Caught Redhanded””

  1. Love this Jade! 💕 So interestingly written. I love the way you knew what the Chipmunk was thinking! I would’ve loved to have seen that little guy or girl. 😊
    Amazing that you finally got the dye off your hands! Who would have known to use a carrot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes thank you Mom ; happened twice, after baby carrot, a cool water cloth fixed it again, was an unexpected solution in quick moment of maybe not much time 😀 a book never dyed my hand before


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