blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Soothing Space

My bedroom library retreat is complete. 😊

Monet’s “Flowerbeds” above reading chair in my library corner
I place books mostly by type, but will throw a random ”this one doesn’t belong” in because I will notice that book better, could read it again. Kind of has the feel of a slightly tipsy lady arranging books and just leaving an odd book out that I enjoy.
Gustav Klimt two artworks, another famous fav.
painter of mine (19th century). The throw pillow covers I found on Etsy. It has all been how I’d envisioned it.
A very cherished gift given to me recently from my sister, was for my birthday in February, my birthstone—an Amethyst crystal at my night stand (and the night stand also has a convenient shelf to stack new pillowcases throughout the week) beside my yoga mat and meditation cushions.

I took things away that felt crowded, then rearranged the things I had kept (and felt good being near) before adding anything new over time. Over the winter, I readjusted the bookcase myself with a hammer, screws, and a screw remover to heighten the shelves to look more spacious.

My husband Dan was ready to touch up all the walls (with the matching touchup paint the apt. staff had given to us), but I said to him I wanted to do that! It is really fun. So we did, and he did all the high places I could not reach.

I found my way back to myself, do keep me, am also enjoying the website Goodreads, and I feel well spending more time within a novel, not even just suspense thrill or befriending the author imaginatively, just seeing what it says. I like to experience many things, not even a true critic, glad with summary and symbolism.

I am going to a yoga class every Sunday at the swimming pool; I’ve gone to the first two already. It is free this summer but the teacher is great and also has a studio nearby. Time of day, 8:30 am has been beautiful.

I visited a local shrine / retreat center recently; I will see what an event is like there, there are sometimes women whether nuns or laypeople around my age at the place, and it has felt welcoming and free, with an open approach.

Planning for Saturday or Sunday, I will go back to the Art Gallery with my paint supplies and canvas, my new painting has the calmest part started in this imagined room—it begins with acrylic medium, white, and blue through the clear window. I am re-working this scene on a larger, (11 x 14) canvas than how I’d started, intending a tiny bit more preciseness of image than the first try—to keep the vision more closely resembling the room in my imagination.

Today, I will write that new very short story to send in next Wednesday, as I was uninterested in my first draft poem I’d tried typing last week with a feeling of unease and disinterest in it overall.


I wanted the room to be soothing, calming, and cheerful, and I sense that in the place, am happy to share these photos for any inspiration or entertainment.

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