A Mist-laden Morning with Music

The mists lifted, the sun shone through, the music ended, my tears began, but the sun dried them through and through and through.


I had handwritten yesterday what came to me first of my very short story and will continue that next writing next time on my laptop to not go over the word maximum count.

I wrote it in the very back of my novel / fiction notebook, and as I turned the page, it very neatly detached from the book. Are we doing this again? I thought, amused, like when my free library-found copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen that looked to be in decent quality was disintegrating neatly at the spine with each turn of the page, and I saved the loose pages in a folder for a future art project I was yet to decide (would not read that copy outside on a windy day), and I hadn’t forgotten that…

Let the weekend…




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