blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

I Was Trying to Paint a Room, but the Mood Came First

🎨paint on hands, not so bad. My art in progress on table.

Shana (front), me, Rich

The painting I’ve been working on is coming along at The Gallery, a Sunday of realizing I was trying to see this physical room I’d imagined, to paint it how it appeared, but today I found that starting with the mood and rich walls in a more abstract, but many-colored blueish and light brown room had me capture the feeling before any subtleties or any subjects—even the colors of possible subjects, without any definition or really placement of anything yet.

I also learned that not all paintings need titles and certain ones maybe are most true when they are untitled.

Me and Shana 🎨💕and Rich painting prolifically in the background.
Drinking lots of water on these heat wave days ☀️☀️☀️ More paint—great 🎨.

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