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Short Story Complete, Celebrate—Photo 1

I completed my very short story I’d been mentioning (had to be under 800 words) tonight, and it is the first one I’ve liked of mine in a long time.

My own prescription: go out for a walk, snap photos— a few tiny scenes just because I felt like it, come back inside, drink water, type words, water in between more words, proofread, edit, revise, complete, check word count, submit!

I’d like to share the story I wrote no matter the outcome of the contest after it’s announced. You can subscribe at the end of the page to receive updates of new posts on this blog.

Genre: Flash Fiction Style: Prose Poetry
Word Count: 467 words
Status: Submitted
Line I’d Liked While Envisioning It: Still made it as the ending.


I took photos today (in Massachusetts where I live), a theme I found forming as I‘d go.

I’ve shared just one picture tonight in this post, and then I’ll post one a day throughout the week.

Update: I realized they’d felt to be viewed together; see the photos here:

Thriving in Their Secret Ways

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