blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

To Pauline by May Ziadeh

May wrote many free verse poems; many of her first poems were written in French.


by May Ziadeh
But what do you become 
my sweet black-eyed friend? 
Why this long, this too long, 
overwhelming silence? 
So many days without color 
and so many sad evenings—
Did your dear heart erase my presence? 
You loved me, you said, 
Can you not love me anymore? 
With your voice, I keep still
that sweet murmur, 
Often your memory 
comes to revive me, 
I find a little of you 
in all of nature; 
My darling, how could you forget me? 

You should love me, 
adore me even, 
and in my memory 
day and night,
I enfold you. 
For I do not forget our friendship... 
I love you!  
But why draw from me 
this capricious word? 
Come, and I will say it out loud 
to your beautiful eyes.

by May Ziadeh 

I. Copia (1911)
original French
translation by Jade Nicole Beals


Literary lines of reflection of mine to come.

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