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Found with a Crown…and Renewing All My Tea Cups

It is morning, 7 am, and meditative teatime is winding down now for me to share your photo for today, from the spontaneous series I’d created yesterday on my walk (in Massachusetts where I live.)

This is picture #2: Found with a Crown.

This little plant is growing brightly on mulch and in the shade, the sunlight drawn to its leaf crown that is shaped like a heart.

I serviced all my teacups and saucers today, with a deep cleanse and brightening with borax and warm water, my glass teapot too, my handheld mesh infuser, and variable temperature tea kettle (an updated model from the one I have and same tea company), all looking their utmost beautiful; I arranged the cups and glass tea jars in a new way in the cabinet and on the display shelf.

Peeko looking like he is expecting a guest at the door, and on the display shelf behind him, you can see more of my teacups, the one I am drinking from is not shown on the shelf in photo above this one, but it can go on the bottom center of the shelf. 😊💕☕️

The next picture I will give you tomorrow.
No, I give you them all today instead:

Thriving in Their Secret Ways


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