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Peeko Writes A Prose Poem…

After seeing this on my laptop no one else here, I had to spend awhile asking other ppl and looking into how Mac laptops work to find out how this could have even been possible…😳😆⌨️

I took this picture of Peeko yesterday—for pure fun, I’d opened a new blank (TextEdit) document file for him (no other documents open at all) as soon he’d sat down on my laptop then. You know how I enjoy life’s little surprises.

But I didn’t know that the document would actually show a kind of sentence that I myself didn’t write or even copy & paste that I’d see after 🐱Peeko stepped back off my laptop again.

It took a long yoga time to wind down afterwards from all the excitement and inquiring about Mac laptops…

“And then again this morning when we got there I had already left I have a question about”

🐾 🗞fresh off the paws of Peeko’s press 🐱📰

I found out that Peeko must’ve turned on the dictation option to “suggest a word on the top keyboard bar,” and he must have sat down in one spot to press all these words that the software automatically tries to find the next logical word to suggest with a space bar in between…Or, he could have turned on audio dictation and the laptop was transcribing bits of my quick phone conversation with Peeko still on top of it…

I know he is a very smart cat but…😮😬🙂🙏

Anyway, the day was complete with that, and I had to share it today.

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