blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

In the Light as it was Falling

(prose poem, to go along with photos, this one’s in a ’list style’)

…Closing the day this way.

Morning: I brightened every teacup. Unexpected guests arrived on time: one plumber, two plumbers, three plumbers…all day, fully revitalizing the hot water tank…and the literary salon goes on, and then another tea, dinner cooked and enjoyed with sprinkles of thyme and plenty of lemon, picked up and tried on a new clothing item, fit well, began yoga to settle down, hands rest; be still, all my fingers…



Good Morning Residents,

There was a glitch with our Sonos system last night that resulted in the system turning on the outdoor speakers full volume. We apologize about this and have resolved the issue so this should not happen in the future. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!

——I don’t even know what outdoor speaker there ever was here, and I had heard a loud pop last night; I though it was thunder, or the supernatural. 😊🙏(Life excites). 💕

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