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It’s An Old Scottish Custom book review

(feat. photo my cat, Peeko lounging like a classy lion with the book about to be reviewed…)

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As for symbols, I just am really intrigued with this kind of art; it may just happen…

(Post Title art made with symbols)

…now onto the book review of It’s An Old Scottish Custom by Neil McCallum (library edition, 1976, orig. pub. 1951)

I enjoyed learning about Scotland past and present, ‘tho the book is very much centered on history and folklore which I liked, and it was great this book included a map before the words began. This one might not be my personal favorite source because it tended to stretch things out a little too much and had a kind of stereotyping or sweeping bias against certain parts of Scotland, specifically the cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh. My favorite parts were the opening Chapter that described the New Year’s celebration in Edinburgh with great vividness and quickness, and the place descriptions about the waters and seas of the many colorful islands, some forgotten ones too.

And yes, this is the book that dyed my hand red twice…read about that, 2nd story.

I enjoyed this poem included in closing by poet Hugh MacDiarmid:

The rose for all the world is not for me.
I want, for my part, 
Only the little white rose of Scotland,
That smells sharp and sweet,
And breaks the heart.

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