blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


I learned a new word, I think it was wind-sewn; or maybe wind-sown?, or even wind-turned, and I am all windswept or windblown along with these flowers. I don’t know; I like them all anyway…the little red flowers and leaflets and versions of this word…

This lighting’s sun-warmed.
In the shade

As for the pieces of my novel in progress and the passages I showed that I was working on…Well, I’ve decided to save it all and write this novel in secret for now, but my heart and life are open.

Warm sun

I am just on vacation; it truly begins this afternoon. I’ve written a little plan for myself, which is something I’d not done in past times with vacations. I am also ready to match positive energy—welcoming, warm, encouraging, etc.—wind-flown. 😊💕🙏

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