Vacation Ends Early: A Lesson from a Teacup and a Wild Flower

I picked a vacation week but it will do better next time as I take the start of it more seriously, and I have ended this one a day early; tagging posts, “vacation time” missed the point, along with shuffling ‘round and ‘round every thing of mine online…At one point, my phone fully died at the right time like a perfect tap upon my hands to leave it alone.

It wasn’t til this morning I sat and drank from a new porcelain teacup from 1912 that I thought was impossible to drink from but just keep on display…I realized how much I’ve been grabbing things, on the blog and everywhere else.

That teacup showed me that I could lift it and hold it, bring it level toward me, and my hands did that, and were rested too.

More on teacups and teatime entertainment to come, on fruits and books, and a recent discussion I attended at a Catholic local shrine and convent—the books including two never before seen by me editions of the poetry of Rumi—to complete my own Rumi Four, and a couple of more stories with your very own 🐱Peeko.

Always on time…and refined.

I found a special flower growing wildly just as I would request that to be found…this is my flower…it happens to be St. John’s Wort, medicinal, but I don’t have it myself.


“But you know I think I adore you sufficientee…sofischently…definate tly…defining me…deafeningly.” 😊😘😊

(…A line from a toast in a play I haven’t written.)

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