Wildflower Field with Fragrance and Dance— I Love Like This

^ I love: like this…Love: like this.

(my photo of a wildflower field tonight)

I worked on my still life painting today. It’s midway in progress (maybe)…It’s an imaginary room and arrangement that came to my mind.

The room appears with my brush, the flowers, too; it is funny how I can’t tell if I’m inside the room looking out, or hovering around outside the window looking in; either way there’s a vibrancy in the room and mood that I am painting that didn’t first appear in my mind.

There really were no books today…or words…just paint and a sunlit room and neatness with supplies, a glass filled often with water, and a paintbrushes-only mug filled with different water, online improvements, like a nice new website theme for —> Blush of Dawn!<—


P.S. For anyone who saw this post when I first wrote it there was a photo of a cute bunny in a field and I said “Please forgive me for capturing this photo of this poor cute bunny,” but it was maybe in happy & as a capture from behind it, I took the picture off the post and deleted it.

One of my goals since renewing the theme of this website is hopefully less ‘blog post banning’ by me…of my own blog and media writings. 😊🆓media by me🐰

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