The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, a Brief Book Reflection

‘A Portrait of Peeko with The Portrait of a Lady

YouTube video featuring my cat Peeko:


The Goodreads book group is still reading the novel, so I won’t go on too long (I’ll try), but I have completed reading The Portrait of a Lady (with Peeko especially affectionate toward it as never before with a book itself), and I am returning it to the library now, was timed well.

Here’s my brief review, no spoilers, as usual on my book reviews / recommendations. For this 19th century English novel The Portrait of a Lady (1881) by New Yorker and Londoner, Henry James, I wrote:

—The moments of dialogue and comedy in this were the best. The book was originally written for a magazine as a series to appear a part of it in each issue. There is a refreshing feeling of spontaneous phrases and a quick look into the characters’ interior selves awhile…A longer book, yet it has a little fiery way about its being told; I enjoyed it. I also really liked the part with the character named Pansy. I usually don’t do half ratings but the dialogue was so great that I’d round up to 3.5 stars.

*The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James*


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