New Fantasy Novel Found at the Bookshop, A New Poem Sent In, The Fun of a Giveaway I Had Not Won

This is the new book I found Uprooted by Naomi Novik at the bookshop last time, by an author of our time, fantasy genre. I picked it based on the cover first and then the line on the cover: ‘enjoyable fantasy with the air of a modern classic.’

I am currently reading the book (Aug. 30, ‘22).


I completed the finishing touches on a new poem today that I had began writing recently, set it aside a little while, and forgot I was still writing it ‘til I came upon it in my drafts folder.

I completed it, for some time, and sent it in today to Indelible Magazine’s upcoming Issue: “Science and Sensibility.” The deadline is October 31st, which leaves a good amount of time for anyone interested in sending in a science-related submission: poetry, fiction, art (see details within link.)

The speaker of my poem happens to be a mermaid.


The Fun of a Giveaway I Had Not Won

I had decided if I won a recent free book giveaway on Goodreads for Klara and the Sun, mostly because I love good surprises, I would specifically enjoy a delicious giant-sized baked sugar cookie maybe with M & Ms, or a chocolate chip cookie, too: My mother in law is not even on Goodreads and wouldn’t have known I’d planned that, but she baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies for us…inc. my husband, Dan, her son, & her husband, my father in law, Dave, and me, after a special dinner (probably just a day or two later.) I did not win the book. And she also took this amazing photo before that.

With my father in law Dave at the beach; this spot of green is the bird reserve. I didn’t eat these at the dinner, and I had a different one, but I was showing at the time that there were many—for anyone who does—which was everyone there except for me. 😊


Literary Canon, Who?

My father in law asked a good literary question that day—who decides which books are in ‘the literary canon,’ and what is the canon exactly?

I learned that books are usually picked (for the canon) by Colleges and Universities or literary organizations, but this list is not just one all around, and that the people choosing books for the canon intend these books to be most important or influential books at a particular time (such as the 19th century, which is the period of the 1800s).

The canon has often not been that well-rounded and can differ from a canon picked at another time period. Still, interesting to find out about this.

Golden Flowers” oolong tea, ‘myositis’ blue-forget-me-nots flowered mug, and Uprooted book (2015) featured photo.


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