Good Morning! : Miss May’s Flower Art

I completed this flower art today I’d made for author and poet, Miss May Ziadeh. I’d collected flowers over the seasons, a couple fallen onto my path outside, and pressed them in a book for her…

and then I’d made her a celebration memorium at my home where I’d read Miss May (as she was known in her life) a prose poetry letter I wrote and a selection from her poems that I’d translated, handwritten & ink drawn poems, with the pressed flowers…80 years after her death & funeral, I’d made her a sweeter one…

And this summer, I placed the flowers that were on a porcelain plate (& more) onto this collage on card paper and placed it in a green frame (I’d felt she liked the color 💚green from her writings) with the glass to preserve them and let them shine (& the gold trim too.) I could feel she enjoys this gift as she’d write of nature, flowers, beauty, and especially, deep love and friendship in her own work.

Finally, within a leaf design, (or a fig or a flame) I wrote my name and the date I started it. Photo taken now in the shimmering morning sun.


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