My Replenish and Restore Index Cards—for when things are very exciting & stimulating—even if good

I wrote this for Artists or Authors or anyone designing a schedule, and if not doing that daily, some ideas for relaxation are here for anyone.

I thought of this idea today, as I can be very excited by creativity…information…ideas…comments to and from…on my screen, and then become stimulated (‘tho often starts in a good way), but then I will not settle down, and I’ll feel exhausted, even if the online activities aren’t harmful on their own, toward tension and overwhelm.

I first tried writing on full sheets of paper, but these wide yet pocket-like index cards made it easier to view them and have them near me where I may get carried away…to find creative – work, household & relaxation balance.

I recommend being general for quick reading, but also can add personal detail reminders (i.e. I mention my genre I am thinking of for my first novel I’m envisioning and so I recommend that you don’t have to leave out personal details & that you don’t have to share full list at all with anyone if you don’t want to.)

But I will type up the rest from mine without anything too secret/specific to me. I hope you enjoyed my handwritten page 1 as the featured photo above. Writing by hand relaxes me well, even just seeing a photo of something another person hand-wrote, or a note…:


Replenish and Restore

Teatime with nothing else, look through window, drink from a cup especially picked for that preference

Combing hair and parting hair arrange how it should fall, coconut oil lotion, filing nails and moisturizing skin, especially in circles, pick jewelry, makeup as desired

Sketch (indoors or out). Bring water canteen outside, bag for the few supplies, towel to sit on / bag if near grass.

Paint (with personal note: I’d like to work on my particular one in progress specifically in evening-time, evening feel to scene)

Work on my novel, handwrite passages/ scenes.

Be with people in person family, friends— Groups: and I also listed a few places locally inc. The Art Gallery and La Salette Shrine (which I will share about coming up next; it’s nice to view how all these places fit on one side of a card fully.)

Handwrite a letter.

Get lots of natural light, like morning sun through window sunrise, stand on balcony, tend to plants (sunscreen in direct light / awhile and sunglasses; my moisturizer is SPF30.)



Breath / Body / Mindfulness Meditation with Bell Insight app Timer

Create a handmade gift someday, enjoy pressing flowers, let ideas come: card paper, clear Elmer’s glue, pen-maybe.

Prayer with words

Meditative Prayer / Wordless

Listen to music on laptop (My cat Peeko likes to hear it during the day as well.)


I am also today starting planning just one thing to do a day along with my daily life home routine things to do that I tend to plan one of those a day a week already for yrs. I learned this from a writer who said, pick one important thing…

like, a creative project: working on painting (for me) or a poem or novel, or make a certain set of phone calls or emails, and then after, return to restorative things, like my list above.

This makes a natural part of my schedule to involve less screen time or extra stimulating things—by choosing a restorative thing or two—and so naturally, not doing another very stimulating thing afterwards.

And now it is time for lunch.


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