A Pair of Leaves in the Rain

back inside, the lamplight showed the page in a warm light

I wasn’t planning to sketch or even paint today, but the fire-alarms were going to be tested today, and began, so I grabbed my purse, pocket sketchbook, a book to read, pencil, and sharpener that were on my side table. I was going outside temporarily and it was raining, so I was happy the top I was wearing was the kind I could place my novel and pocket sketchbook under as it rained…And then I found a nearby doorway with an awning and looked at a few different things to draw, and for most, there was no awning nearby to sit, but I found I’d wanted most to sketch these…and when the alarms stopped but the rain poured harder, I ran, ran back inside, placed my top in the dryer, my pants in the washer along with other little towels I was already about to wash, and I took a photo of this pocket page back inside.


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