“Hold Me Closer” Britney Spears and Elton John’s New Song, Thrilled About Books in the Night, and My Mom Comes to Visit!

Aug. 31, 2022

First, I am very pleased with the air at my apartment home as last week I professionally deep cleansed the fireplace we don’t use (and is off)…a real professional will come in time (inclusive), but it is wonderful what a difference it makes. It feels like a whole new landscape or planet to me…and I didn’t have to wait.


It was so nice to hear Britney Spears singing again last week after such a long time, especially the words she sang and the changing parts between herself and Elton John. I’d found a new intensity in her voice with emotional intonation and richness…

I am also happy to see she’s using social media how she’d find best; I’d had a similar renewal of simplification and reapplying myself, and Britney is meditating, as I am bringing more physical movement (dance, yoga, walking) and meditation into my own life now.

When I’d heard of Britney Spears’ conservatorship lawsuit, I’d found it was similar to poet May Ziadeh’s I’d been following and also 100 yrs before…And in the time of Britney’s freedom…she has brought more fun and dance into my own life.


Today my important thing of the day will be to dance or walk quickly, followed by yoga stretching also in the night. I will continue working on my painting in progress; you probably have heard of this (11 x 14) one for awhile now, with pencil sketches in between!

Anyway, “Hold Me Closer” is a great new single from Britney Spears and Elton John, the music electronic and soulful; I enjoy the line… ‘Saw you dancing by the ocean…’💕🎶🌊

Friday night, I scouted out the best fantasy books in the YA genre that appealed to me most, in writing and subject matter, (Dan was enjoying himself too, said, ‘Take your time,’ as he was in the cafe.) I was thrilled…stayed up later than usual; I’d first begun Eragon which I liked and is up on my unread shelf now, but decided yesterday to first try again Uprooted, the first book I’d found at a bookstore recently. I feel like it is now a good time to read it, for reasons unknown, maybe an autumn feeling in the air more than before…

And that night after the bookshop, I fell happily into Monet’s Flowerbeds painting (1881) on the wall behind my reading chair in my library corner…before falling to sleep that night…and I snapped a photo of the moment…was greatly overtired, overexcited, undone…probably in tears after, and then wake up like nothing ever happened. ✨


…This weekend, my mom drove herself all the way from NYC to visit me in Massachusetts!…I made her this flower art gift, with a meadow-rose I’d picked and preserved for her, and of course her version isn’t cut off, but this is a closeup:

My flora incognita app identified it for me afterwards. I found it for her first before iding it, ‘tho it matched her name, I would’ve given her this one anyway. And then we found so many roses outside in person at this Mediterranean restaurant!

Her words when I wrote that I was glad she’d liked it and showed me it displayed in a nice dark wooden frame in her kitchen; I decided not to share photos of any art in homes ‘though as general etiquette, even my mom’s 😅, but I’ll share her comment: ‘…From your creative hands to my grateful heart. I will keep it in my house to see, Always.’

Usually I wear flats and she wears heels but this time we’d switched 🙂


P.S. I want to bring back to the bookstore the books I got then (I liked and finished the novel Uprooted, not meaning that one) and I can still return them, no hard feelings ;)…My copy of Eragon I noticed has the page numbers printed in each side margin. If it was the publisher’s choice I may try again with a copy from somewhere else…the end.


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