blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Paintbrush and a Novel

I will begin writing my first novel and painting for my next art show I’d like to have, so the blog pace will slow (of course it needs to ;), but the site will be open, about painting and my novel in progress, and more.—But I am currently writing a short story, and I may choose to write short stories awhile to be more consistently practicing painting too.

I will tell you one thing about the idea to write, about what made me think to write one and to create art as a focus:

Sometime in September, I had a dream that a lady holding onto a bar on the bus beside me said, ‘Just one kiss.’ I waited, noticing she didn’t look like she wanted one and was pretty elderly as I was hoping to help her stay standing up on the bumpy bus. ‘One kiss, and then I die,’ she said. I woke up…

It was symbolic for me wanting to write and paint…and it made me consider: I’d like to write a novel…I’ll just spring off this: urgency. 🙂


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